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Information on public contracts awarded by the Republic of Kosovo.

The information on this portal is collected automatically from 2018. 

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Signed Contracts

48,629,416€ Details
PODUJEVE PODUJEVË KOMUNA E PODUJEVËS 16,488,877€ Contracts LEPOSAVIQ KUVENDI KOMUNAL LEPOSAVOQ 6,535,914€ Contracts ZVEÇAN KUVENDI KOMUNAL ZVEÇAN 2,435,175€ Contracts MITROVICE KUVENDI KOMUNAL MITROVICË 1,698,884€ Contracts VUSHTRRI KOMUNA E VUSHTRRISË 13,797,840€ Contracts OBILIQ KUVENDI KOMUNAL - OBILIQ 16,811,614€ Contracts PRISHTINE KUVENDI I KOMUNES SE PRISHTINES 48,629,416€ Contracts KAMENICE KOMUNA E KAMENICËS 4,633,092€ Contracts NOVOBËRDË KUVENDI KOMUNAL NOVO BRDO 1,011,471€ Contracts VITI KUVENDI KOMUNAL VITI 10,879,274€ Contracts PARTESH KOMUNA PARTESH 409,253€ Contracts KLLOKOT KOMUNA E KLLOKOTIT Contracts Contracts GRAÇANICË SKUPSTINA OPSTINA GRACANICA 8,799,052€ Contracts SHTIME KOMUNA SHTIME 7,067,811€ Contracts FERIZAJ KOMUNA FERIZAJ 25,495,471€ Contracts KAÇANIK KUVENDI I KOMUNES - KAÇANIK 7,005,918€ Contracts HANI I ELEZIT KOMUNA HANI I ELEZIT 3,778,500€ Contracts LIPJAN KUVENDI KOMUNAL LIPIJAN 17,253,287€ Contracts MALISHEVE KUVENDI KOMUNAL MALISHEVE 2,181,791€ Contracts SUHAREKË KOMUNA SUHAREKË 16,849,562€ Contracts PCË" transform="translate(4945.627 1591.082)" font-size="7" font-family="Roboto-Medium, Roboto" font-weight="500" opacity="0.6">SHTËRPCË KOMUNA SHTËRPCË 4,458,599€ Contracts GLLOGOC KOMUNA GLLOGOC 15,758,452€ Contracts SKENDERAJ KUVENDI I KOMUNES SKENDERAJ 10,552,407€ Contracts MITROVICA E VERIUT OPŠTINA SEVERNA MITROVICA 8,086,677€ Contracts ZUBIN POTOK KUVENDI KOMUNAL - ZUBIN POTOK 2,875,682€ Contracts ISTOG KOMUNA E ISTOGUT 7,457,040€ Contracts KLINË KUVENDI KOMUNAL I KLINËS 11,546,950€ Contracts RAHOVEC KUVENDI KOMUNAL - RAHOVECË 24,830,475€ Contracts MAMUSHE KOMUNA E MAMUSHËS 24,830,475€ Contracts PRISHTINE PRIZREN KUVENDI KOMUNAL I PRIZRENIT 44,730,744€ Contracts DRAGASH KUVENDI I KOMUNES DRAGASHI 6,927,219€ Contracts GJAKOVA KOMUNA E GJAKOVËS 29,677,740€ Contracts JUNIK KOMUNA E JUNIKUT 10,877,924€ Contracts DEÇAN KUVENDI KOMUNAL-DEÇAN 28,212,503€ Contracts PEJA KOMUNA E PEJES 21,482,497€ Contracts GJILAN KUVENDI KOMUNAL- GJILAN 24,714,986€ Contracts RANILLUGE KOMUNA RANILLUG 1,709,057€ Contracts FUSHË KOSOVË KUVENDI KOMUNAL FUSHË KOSOVË 12,292,873€ Contracts

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